2017. július 17., hétfő

Island vibes

Hi, girls! There is not one piece I love more during summer time than swimsuits! I found some really nice piece online. They look super amazing, aren't they? Click on the links, and you can order them !

 I write this post under a lemon tree on a beautiful island, Lefkada.
 I'm so happy to be here, and I can feel the "Island vibes".
I'll take some photo during this week, and you'll see them soon on the blog...  just I'm a little lazy grl.....

2017. július 6., csütörtök

Lake Garda 2. -Limone sul Garda

Hi Girls!
We had a wonderful time at Lake Garda, I love this magical part of Italy, but you know. 
Limone is my fav little village.
 It has just a few street, the view is amazing, the ice cream is delicious, and you can find little lemon-ceramics on the houses.