2014. július 29., kedd

2014. július 24., csütörtök

Interior inspirations


Yesterday evening I sit in the garden and browsed Pinterest and other sites. I was looking for some interesting interior idea for our future home.  Recently I love grey and wood and white in homes, so the concrete walls and shabby white brick details are really impressed me. 
Do you like the white and turquoise composition? The white roses are from our garden, and I found a perfect notebook in the IKEA!!!

2014. július 22., kedd


Hi, everyone!!! On the weekend fortunately we had really hot days, so we travelled to Lake Balaton for a few days. Hope you like our little moments! I have two boys, Alex and Erik, but Erik don't like to be on the photos, so you can see only Alex.....

2014. július 17., csütörtök

My thoughts never give me a little break

 Sometimes I don't understand myself, I don't understand my thoughts, I just drifting with my sense and sensibility, and I don't care the past and the future. That's why I like photography, because at that time the whole world stops for a while, and I don't care nothing. And this is a really releasing feeling. But I don't like to see myself on the photos.....Ok, I don't understand it!

So on a boring Sunday I made this little purse quickly, but I think it looks great!! I saw a similar one last month maybe on Romwe and I couldn't get it out of my head....
(I just glued a magazine cover on a little black purse, and I sewed a belt in one edge of it.)

2014. július 14., hétfő

Flowers in my heart


 I feel myself on an endless floral meadow while I walking in the city, if I wear this colorful top.  I chose white jeans and a white jacket to the outfit so the top stands out even more....
Happy days!!!!

2014. július 6., vasárnap

Festival day


On Friday we were on a Festival called VOLT in Hungary. Before the sun went down we made some photo from what I wore on that day. This is a really interesting  short full of sequins from Romwe.  When I saw it first I found it too much and too shining, but I felt myself great on that day and night, so I will wear it a lot this summer!!! 
The concerts were great ( I loved the Sunrise Avenue, Birdy, Milky Chance and The Carbonfools) , we just drifted from one stage to  other , I loved the mood of  everything...