2017. május 28., vasárnap

Summer at ROMWE♥

♥Beige Sequin letter straw hat : from HERE
♥Yellow checkered dress: from HERE
Bow TIE Design slippers: from HERE
♥Crochet clutch: from HERE

Hello! Today I thought making a lovely wishlist from ROMWE! I actually have been following Romwe's store for a while now, and I think they have really nice and trendy clothes, so it just makes me wanna  spend my money in there, and I'm not even joking....

The gingham yellow dress is really really brighten up my heart in this season!

♥Off-the-shoulder top: from HERE
Floral satin loafer: from HERE
♥Flower embroidery bag: from HERE
♥Blue dress: from HERE

Hope you will have a beautiful week! Love, Eszter