2014. augusztus 26., kedd


Now we are on a holiday in Greece for a week, so I will answer your lovely comments a little bit later, but I'm so happy to read them!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
On last week we were invited to a party on August 20th, which is a national holiday in Hungary, and we really enjoyed that night and the beautiful fireworks.  Hope you like the photos! Love.

2014. augusztus 21., csütörtök

I love peach and coffee

I think I'm just obsessed with off-shoulder tops in the end of summer, but  if the weather will be good in September I will wear  it.:) I found this white piece on sale in the H&M, I was so happy!! :)

2014. augusztus 18., hétfő

Dream on...

Hi everyone!! On the last weekend we traveled to Győr, which is a really dreamy , lovely, beautiful city, so I loved to walk on the small streets, and I felt myself in a lilac dream in my lovely lilac shirt.....
Have a nice week!!!

2014. augusztus 14., csütörtök



 Sometimes the best feeling at the end of a long day to go for a walk to a nice park, wear comfortable shoes, and a lovely skirt. These little moments are brighten up my days....

2014. augusztus 10., vasárnap

Earth laughs in flowers *

 Hi, my lovelies! 
Flowers always make me happy if I'm in bad mood or I've exhausting days or I don't know what is my problem....:))  I noticed that recently I always buy some flowers if I walk next to a flower shop, so we've always fresh flowers on the dining table.  It's so calming to see them every morning , so the day begins a  little bit easier...:)

*The title is via Pinterest

2014. augusztus 5., kedd

Lovely little bag

Hi everyone!!! I found my perfect summer little bag in Primark!!!  I wear it everyday, I love the design , the silver details, and the pastel color of that. If I go to Primark mostly I buy there bags and accessories, necklaces.....Sometimes I found in the store great shoes and sandals, but I don't like the style of the clothes so much. Do you like Primark?
Have a nice day!!!

2014. augusztus 4., hétfő

Hello new shoes!!!

Last week I found  these shoes on sales and I couldn't leave them in the stores.... My credit card is not so happy, but I'm so satisfied!! ::))
Did you buy anything on sales??