2014. május 30., péntek


On summer  sometimes I tie my hair up  , and it give me the idea to do a little bit messy bun to the look.  I love the contrast between the cozy sweater and the lace skirt. And I chose a silver flat sandals. This is a light, romantic , but maybe modern look. 
After the shooting there was a big thunderstorm, and we saw a totally big beautiful arched rainbow on the sky after that.  It was incredible!!!


2014. május 26., hétfő

Monday wish

Hi!!! On the weekend I found some beautiful summer skirts and dresses and photos as I browsed the online stores and Pinterest, so I did a little wish list. Hope you like them!!!!
Have a wonderful Monday!:)

2014. május 23., péntek

On a late summery afternoon

Hi, last day afternoon was really hot, I felt summer sultriness in the city, so I prefer to be somewhere on the seaside. But I love it, love summer and dresses and skirts!! 
Nothing special happened to me  in these days, but every day is a new day full of little magical moments and places. On the weekend  we will go to a dance theater, I love contemporary ballet performances, and I will plant some flowers in my little garden.
Have a beautiful weekend!

2014. május 21., szerda

Middle of nowhere

I always loved romantic style, and flower printed dresses I think since my birth.  I can't do anything it is genetically encoded into me. 
So I will wear romantic dresses 20 years later maybe...

I wore this dress from Stradivarius on an easy walk in the forest that's why I chose grey boots to it. 
And I really like the contrast between the styles. Do you like romantic dresses??

2014. május 19., hétfő

I smell roses day and night

On Sunday morning  I went to our little garden and I admired  the blossoming pink roses. They have very intoxicating aromatic fragrance, I felt that  in my nose and mind throughout the day.
The roses are beautiful for home decoration too, and they scented the house for a few days...:)

Have a beautiful rose-scented week to my lovely readers!

2014. május 14., szerda

Bouquet from the fields

One afternoon we are just  riding bicycle on the endless fields,  and we picked some flowers. I love wild flowers, and the color of the cornflower is really beautiful. This little bouquet just harmonize with my new wild flower printed bag from Accesorize.:)
Here the weather rainy and windy, so we made the photos after a thunderstorm in 5 minutes. I hope the sun comes out soon.:)

2014. május 12., hétfő

Mint cloud

If I wear my mint color coat, I feel myself  fresh and free despite of the cooler weather. The color of the coat inspired me , and I had minty thoughts. So some of my photos I did recently got mint color touch. I love the feeling of that, maybe a little bit mysterious...

2014. május 9., péntek

Life is a roller coaster so hang on & enjoy the ride...


 On our last day in Italy we went to Gardaland, which is an amazing amusement park.
 Do you like roller coasters??? I don't like them too much, just the light version of them, but fortunately    there were a lots of adventurous attraction. 
We really enjoyed a lots of great things, but the best were the water roller coasters ,the Mammut railway, the jungle boating and the Madagascar Live Show...

I hope we will go back once!
Happy weekend!

2014. május 7., szerda

Old things won't open new doors...*

 Yes, I believe in pink. I feel better myself in light colors. So I saw this pink and gold espadrilles in the H&M and I lost... Isn't it beautiful?
The turquoise-green  bag is from Promod. I had to go 5 store , because everywhere was just in the window of the shop.  So why there are a lot of thing in the showcase, if I can't buy that??? I hope I will wear them a lot in the summer and I will feel myself in a pink world in the shoes.:)
Have a lovely day!

( *The title is via Pinterest.)

2014. május 4., vasárnap


Hi, my darling readers! Hope you had a nice weekend.:))
Sometimes I can't believe how beautiful places there are on our planet for example Venice. I know that this is not the only one, but I can't tired of the magic of Venice.  I forget the problems for a while and I feel myself in a beautiful tale, and to tell you the true I'd like to live every day in a fairy tale.

And nearby Venice there is an other magical place,  a little island, Burano. The time is stopped there, and the colorful little houses and streets are incredibly beautiful. 

Hope, you will enjoy my photos! Thank you every little thoughts, they are part of my little tale.:)


2014. május 1., csütörtök

Waves and rose


Last week we had a little vacation again with my little family.  We traveled to Italy (nearby Venice) for a few days and we had a really good weather fortunately. 

On the first day we just collected shells on the seaside in a Zara bag (ha-ha!!..), and on the afternoon we sailed a little bit to a nearby beautiful island (Burano). 

We spent the next day in Venice. I was in Venice several times, but I feel every time as if I would be there first time and I admire how beautiful that is. But this is the first time that we traveled to there with my little boys Alex and Erik. They really enjoyed every day, and on the last day we visited Gardaland , this is a fantastic amusement park on the coast of Lake Garda.

About the outfit:
I was looking for a little bit high waisted denim short for a long time, and I found this in the Pull&Bear. I really like the contrast between the pink romantic rose printed sweater and the distressed details on the shorts. Hope you like the outfit, and the photos too. 

Erik don't like being on the pictures, so on the photos you can see mainly Alex and me and the sea. :))