2017. augusztus 6., vasárnap

Sunday morning

Ahhh, Sundays! The perfect day to relax with my family, and reset before the week begins. 
Sundays also have become a day where I take some extra time in my skincare routine. I like to use face masks, especially those, which are full of sea minerals, and my other favourite is a collagen mask.
And no Sunday is complete without relaxing! If the weather is nice, I like to go swimming, it's totally refresh my soul and body, or if I stay in my room, I like to light as many candles as I can, and playing some games with my boys, or just watching a great movie.
I hope everyone had a lovely and relaxing Sunday !

I'm so happy that I ordered this swimsuit, it was a really good feeling to wore that....♥♥♥

2017. augusztus 4., péntek

Lefkada 1.

I'm so happy that I'm finally sharing with you some of my lovely photos we took on this beautiful island, Lefkada. 

Every day was super hot, so we ate lots of ice creams, and mostly tried to stay at the seaside, and just feel the touch of the cold water..... but sometimes we walked in this little amazing city, Lefkada,  and of course took some outfit photos ...
I love this flowing skirt, it was a good buy.... 
(After 5 minutes some ice cream landed on my skirt, but never mind!)