2014. március 31., hétfő

Let's find some beautiful place to get lost

On the weekend I wear strappy sandal in March!!! I don't know what happened with the weather or what happened with the Earth! I hope it feels good ! 
We had a calm few hours on Saturday afternoon, so we just walked a bit, and drank a cappuccino and ate cakes in beautiful place.
Hope you will have a sunny week, my lovelies! Thank you so much your comments,  which are uploaded me and my days. Love.

2014. március 28., péntek

If I have wings


 In the past few days nothing interesting happened with me , in addition to that I did some hole on my denim skirt. Hope you like it!  To the cozy look (denim skirt and plaid shirt)I added a statement necklace and high heels, and a bomber jacket.
And  I was listening to Birdy and her beautiful song -Wings- all day.

2014. március 27., csütörtök

Running up that hill, and 7 facts about me

During our little  trip to Austria, we were in Dachstein, where there is a stunning viewing point called Five Fingers, because of the viewing platform is in the shape of a hand with 5 fingers. To reach this point is not was so easy. We didn't prepare for the hard snowy and slippery mountain walk and the big wind, but the sunny weather and the beautiful place and view gave us power. :)

 Here in Hungary there is  a little "Blog play" called "Let's get to know each other!".So  Adél, (www.leadellefashion.blogspot.com/ ) thought of me.  
So I write 7 facts about myself, and I would like to pass it to Kinga, who has a beautiful blog. You can find her stylish blog here:  http://indiefashionblog.wordpress.com/. 

2014. március 23., vasárnap

2014. március 21., péntek

Take me Home...to the Moon, Moon landing with James Blunt


 On Tuesday night we arrived to our little Hotel in Austria nearby Salzburg. Austria is a beautiful country for me , like a jewelry box. Next day we just walked on the little streets of the city, but we  really looked forward the night because of the big concert (called MOON LANDING) of James Blunt. Some people say that I had to born to the Moon, and sometimes (lot of times) I feel this. So I love the new Moon landing album, I'll take with me to the MOON!!! It was a so super and fantastic concert, so I want it once more and once more! Just a few pics about that day.Love.

Thank you so much the nice comments to everybody, these are so important for me, I 'll take them to the Moon too!!!

2014. március 16., vasárnap

Fluttering strips

Hi, my lovelies! How are you?
I had no internet connection for a day, because of the stormy weather. But it works again, I hope:) And I have some problem with my Google profile too, I can't sign in, so I can't follow anyone, but I hope I can fix it soon! :( And I will follow back everybody as soon as it will possible! Ok. This is not a fortunate weekend for me!

I've been thinking a lot about that which shoes I wear for this outfit. And I didn't want to buy a new one. :)) At first I thought to wear  black heels, than black laced up boots and than I realized that I have a light colored boots. So I decided that I wear flat shoes to the skirt, and I felt myself in this outfit free, but chic.
So I think this look is one of my favorite. :)) And I love this fluttering striped skirt which is new from MANGO.

2014. március 13., csütörtök

Morning bubbles

 These are just a very quick morning photos, but I liked today this outfit, and the beautiful  flowers on the tree. Love.

2014. március 11., kedd

I like pink and rock music

On Sunday we were invited to a birthday party one of my friend. It was so funny and great! The weather was sunny  so I wore this light and fresh outfit for the occasion. I ate lot of delicious cake,hmm....

Anyway I dreaming on this week about this:
To tell you the truth, I don't go lot of concerts but my dream is to go to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. And why now??? Because on Sunday I heard that they come to England to a Festival, and if I could I will be there. The distance is not problem, because we like travel, but I check the price of the one day ticket of the festival......... so I will think about it.

We were very fortunate because last spring we were on a GREEN DAY concert in Trieste in Italy, and I feel that day every day in my heart, so I often listening to Green Day in my car.
And I really look forward  the next week, because we will travel to Austria to a not really rock concert, but I love the music and songs of JAMES BLUNT.  I think he has amazing voice and energy, and it will be a short holiday too!

Have a nice week my dears!

2014. március 7., péntek

Running to the sea

Hi, my dears! How was your week? Mine was so busy, and I'm a bit tired. If I could I just jump on a plane, and I fly away to somewhere.... Ok. It would be  maybe a beautiful seaside! I miss holiday and the sea and I suffer from lack of palm trees. Ha-ha! 

I just jump on Zara again, and I found this beautiful plaid coat there. It was the last piece, and it was so lonely so I brought that home. I think I will wear it a lot in March.

Have a nice weekend my dears!

2014. március 5., szerda

When you wake up turn the radio on!

When we wake up in the morning I need music and music and music , so I turn the radio on or we love to listening to the songs of James Blunt. 
I love green tea, and actually I like this ENGLISH TEA SHOP Blueberry and elderflower white tea.My children love music and tea too, but they drink some kind of fruit tea!
I found this lovely glass at the H&M Home. I really like nice lettering home accessories....:))
And I need red lipsticks to feel myself better, so these are my favorite lipsticks. (L'oreal, Max Factor and S-HE from DM, and a red Alverde lipliner)


2014. március 3., hétfő

Do you know Herbie the sentient car?


I feel that my baby blue adidas sneakers like Herbie the sentient, cute Wolkswagen Beetle, who came from the junkyard, and after a repair he is racing again.

I bought this baby blue color pair of shoes for about more than 10 years ago.  I loved my new shoes, I used every day and wore it with skirts and with pants because I had not too much shoes.... 
And once I bored it,  and that became a little worn, so I put it into a box somewhere in the garage. But for a few days ago I found it again, and I was very happy with that. The color of the shoes is the biggest trendy color,  so I cleaned that a little, and I will wear it again almost every day...:))

Do you like sneakers??