2014. február 27., csütörtök

In my thoughts....

I hope this spring will be a beautiful spring. There are a lot of nice clothes in my mind, so I collected some of them. These are my favorites now, and most of them are from the Zara.

From the list I ordered the mint green coat from SHEINSIDE already (this is my first order), but the others are waiting for me on the stores. 

I wish I could move in the Zara! (Ha-ha...) I totally love the orange ZARA Bonjour! lettering MINI BAG--- I don't know why... I can't get it out of my head!! Oh, no...  Do you have favorite???

2014. február 26., szerda

Boho feeling

I don't know what to write, so just let you to feel the flower power and this little boho atmosphere. I love my jacket! If I wear it I will have better mood in the morning and that makes me smile during the day. :)

2014. február 22., szombat

Sunset in the mirror

Sweater: FOREVER21-NEW; Coat: TATUM; Skirt: PULL&BEAR ; Shoes: STRADIVARIUS; Bag: Bershka

I can't imagine that if you ask  anybody about The Beatles , and  they don't know who they are. I'm not a big fan, but I love some song of them. 
The big introduction happened 50th years ago in America, and they became world success, and that will really never end.  So The Beatles is forever...

This day I was in gray mood , so I picked up some gray clothes. But because of the photoprint , the different textures  and the reflective small purse the look is not boring. 

2014. február 19., szerda

Discounted flowers

 I did a last circle on the sales, and I found some nice pieces. It seems that I'm missing flowers and spring, because I bought flowered jacket and dress. I love them.
 I liked to buy this boots from Zara in the autumn, but it wasn't in my size, but yesterday I saw one pair on the sales part of Zara, and it was exactly my size. 

Not long ago we stopped by MOEMAX , where I found this little picture. I really like this store, because the interesting decoration items. Anyway I love Butlers too, from where this rocket vase is. It is a lit bit funny...

2014. február 12., szerda

There is a butterfly under the rocks

Dress: Stradivarius/sale; Sweater: Mango/sale ; Bag, Jacket: Bershka/sale; Boots: Zara

I feel every day that music, dance and photos save my heart and my mind. 
Alex love dance too. He dance all day in his mind, and once he would be a professional dancer...and he is doing a lot of work on it, although he is only seven. 
This day we ran to the dance rehearsal and the half-year dance-exam.

2014. február 10., hétfő

I caught a little sunshine in the rain

Skirt: Zara/sale; Jacket:Mango/last year; Bag, Scarf: H&M/autumn('13)

On saturday we didn't plan any programs, so we stayed all day at home. It was great, but at the late afternoon I felt that I had to go out to the fresh air. And since I picked up my yellow maxi skirt, we did some photos about that. It was very late afternoon and the wheather wasn't clean, and a little rainy.....

Last week I looked around in the Zara, and I saw a lot of yellow clothes among the new collection.  But I found this maxi skirt between the sales pieces. :))

It seems I really like maxi skirts recently.

 Have a SUNSHINY MONDAY to everybody!

2014. február 6., csütörtök

Close your eyes

Photos via Pinterest
 I use some creams for night to fight aging. Is it possible??? Which is your favourite night cream???

After I remove my make-up  and cleansing my skin (I use The Body Shop Tea Tree facial cleanser, and Seaweed tonique)  I apply eye cream, some concentrate, and a night cream.

I love the DR. ORGANIC  BIO-PLASMA MUD MASK and I use this once or twice a week. It contains dead sea minerals, bioactive, natural and organic extracts.I feel fresh my skin after using this!

2014. február 3., hétfő

Life is a movie...

Dress: Stradivarius/old; Jacket. Pimkie; Boots: Zara; Bag: Accesorize

 I missed the "tartan mania" in this season a little bit. This is an old dress from Stradivarius, but until now I didn't wear it. Despite the snow I like dresses, but during the day I also wear an extra warm stockings.
On Saturday we went to the cinema with my family and we watched the movie:"FROZEN" . This is a 3D computer animated Disney film, but we were in a 4DX MOVIE, so it was much more interesting. I love going to the movies, fortunately there are a lot of interesting films recently, and this is an other feeling to go there, than we watch the films at home. But I think everybody feels like me......:) ( Sorry for my bad English.)