2017. március 17., péntek

be patient...where there is love, good things will grow

Skirt: ROMWE/click here

Last weekend was really warm, and amazing. 
So I opened my wardrobe and I felt that I've to wear my new lovely skirt.  
You know I like pastel colors, and I'm looking for great skirts every time. 
I bought some shirts lately too, so I need more&more skirts in the future!

Maybe a new  denim skirt.......I like the assymetric buttoning of THIS ONE♥!!!!!

2017. március 14., kedd

"Close your eyes, clear your heart, let it go..."

So, when I saw this dress, I knew that I'll buy it......I loved the big frill on the bottem of that, but it's a little bit strange because of the oversize design.  It was a challenge to guess how to wear it.
Finally I paired it with an oversize bomber jacket, and sneakers in light pink color.