2014. június 30., hétfő

If you listen you can find sparkling little lights in every second

Hi, my lovely readers! We are still moving from one place to an other, but on this week we can move in to a  house where we can stay for a year!  I'm so happy, but a little bit tired!!!!
I was a little bit nervous because I was waiting for my parcel from Sheinside for 5 weeks. I tried to check the track of that several times, but it didn't works to me, and didn't show where is it. But I got it on Friday finally!!
So I love this mint colored dress, we walked a lot on Sunday and I had a really happy afternoon!!

Oh, I just forgotten, that I made my little purse from newspapers on a course last autumn. Do you like it????


2014. június 26., csütörtök

Lemonade, ice cream and a cat

Although the weather is a little bit cold here, I'm in summer mood, so today afternoon we just made lemonade and ate raspberries ice cream on the terrace ...

The cat made of concrete and my brother did it, perfect for napkin weight, I love it!

2014. június 23., hétfő

The things that we love tell us what we are

I think you know that I love romantic looks, and I like to be in a little bit enchanted mood in the everydays too. Ok, I feel myself almost always in an other dimension of the world, this is not easy and I think it will not change...:)
So, I saw this blue skirt in the H&M , and I felt the magic in the air....I wish you a magical week my dear readers!!!

(The title is via Pinterest.)

2014. június 18., szerda

It feels good to wear a backpack

I just got this baby blue backpack from Romwe, and I love it! It's so comfortable, and because of the lot of little pocket outside and inside really useful.   I wear it every day, almost fits every outfits.:) 
Hope you love this combination! 
Sorry, but I have not too much time to write comments this week, but I will replace that soon!!
Thank you for every comment,  they brighten up  my day !!!

2014. június 16., hétfő

Roses, roses, roses and hair care

 I made these photos in my garden of our past house, but we don't live there any more, so I remember back to my beautiful roses. I used them for decoration in the house and for photography and I loved to smell them, and just stare as blooming.  Aren't they beautiful??

In addition to the roses,  you can see here my favorite hair care products. I use these for my hair care routine usually twice a week.
I know that these are not a high-end and expensive products, but I like them actually. 

2014. június 13., péntek

Before the sun goes down

Hi, hope everybody had a nice summery week! 
 This is just a simply outfit  I wore last weekend on an easy walk with my family.  I chose my simply grey dress, and I didn't want to pick up any brightly colored jewels or accessories, so I chose silver , black and white to complete the dress. 
 I love the text on my shopper, that makes a little bit fresher the whole look!


2014. június 10., kedd

Above the city

 I'm here again!!!!!! Unfortunately I had not too much  time on last week. We move out from our house, and there is no other place ( or house) where we can move in.  All of my clothes are in boxes, and everything is so chaotic. 
But I think I love photography, and actually I can't live without that! So I will continue this, even if I don't know where to take my life .
I know that there are so many great blogs, beautiful fashion bloggers with perfect style and with professional photographers, sometimes I've doubts, and I don't know why to do this, but your lovely comments help me a little bit. 
Thank you! Have a beautiful summer! 


2014. június 4., szerda

Black and white romanticism

I bought this beautiful lace kimono in winter in Stradivarius, and since then I'm waiting for that to wear  once in a summer look. Everything is black and white, maybe a little bit elegant look yet romantic.
 I have a lot of outfit ideas,  and sometimes I change my clothes a few times during the day, but it happens that I wear the same outfit several days, and I don't care what think others about that!!! So I wore this kimono 2 days in this week, just one time with a black long jeans. 

In my garden the roses are blooming without stopping, they are so beautiful!