2014. április 27., vasárnap

Just take your time wherever you go...


 Hi, my dear readers! I'm totally in summer mood as you can see in my outfit! The weather is enough hot here to wear sandals and skirts. I love summer!!!! But it is  also spring ... Ha-ha!!! 

 I like comfortable shoes and sandals, so it is so hard to find a nice and  stylish one.  I found this silver and white sandals in the Stradivarius, and I immediately knew in the store that I will love that!!! And the T-shirt??? I like palm trees and the print is perfect, perfect and perfect!!!!  Totally in love with that.

Did you buy recently something good clothes or shoes for summer????


2014. április 24., csütörtök

Skin hydration

 Skin care is not an easy thing. There are lots of cream in the stores, and it is very hard to buy good ones. Sometimes I see the creams on the shelves, read the big promises,  and in the end I don't buy anything. Every morning and night after the face cleaning I use some serum and cream. 
I wish I could stop the time....:))

2014. április 21., hétfő

Monday morning


Hi my lovely readers! I'm a bit late with Easter photos, but I'd like to wish you happy Easter afternoon!!! Hope you have a beautiful Monday!!!
I'm not so good in baking or cooking  , so we  ate a delicious lemon cake from Mulino Bianco in the morning, we really like that, and we had a  wonderful day because we traveled to my parents to my hometown.

In the weekend I found a funny graphic in the ELLE DECORATION, and I drawn it to Easter! I love that! So simply but make me smile! ( It was not to easy to draw as it seems!! :)))
Hope you like this little graphic and these photos!

2014. április 19., szombat

Lost in the streets

 Historic buildings are give me peace, and I always admire the old architecture how beautiful that is.  Lace is an eternal material and independently out of place in every time,  like the beautiful historical buildings.
So I love lace, it is beautiful , but not so easy to wear.  I choose simply T-shirt, and an oversize denim jacket, and a pale blue strappy sandals from Zara.
The transparent midi skirt with a shorter underskirt  is really interesting , modern but romantic at the same time.  I really like this new trend.  I saw a lot of lace midi skirts in the stores , and I'd like to buy all of them....

2014. április 11., péntek

Somewhere over the rainbow, it feels like home, that's where I dream, when I'm alone*....


In my school-age I had  lots of floral dresses, because I sewed a lot with my mum. Almost every day we went to the textile shop to find some nice fabric. And I always chose floral pattern textiles. I had more than 20 floral dresses in my wardrobe, I loved them. That's why I like floral dresses , and they close to my heart. 

Last week I got my mint color coat from Sheinside, I'm very happy with that. This week I wore that with white lace dress, boyfriend jeans, floral dress, and with a green pants too. You will see these outfits in the future :))

In this week I listened to The Carbonfools in my free time (this is a hungarian band) and I really love their music and clips. I regret that they had a concert last night, and I couldn't be there, because it was on Thursday ! Why on Thursday??? I hope they will have a concert on a weekend date soon in Budapest!!

*the title is a quote from The Carbonfools-(Hideaway).

2014. április 7., hétfő

Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway... (Coco Chanel)


On Saturday we were on the ELLE Fashion Show with Kinga and Anna in Budapest. We arrived to the opening, so we had seats in the third row.  I never did photos about models on a fashion show before , it was so hard, and a lot of photo became blurred, so here is just a few moment from the show. 

 There were a lot of shows during the afternoon, I loved almost all of them. In the evening I really enjoyed the collections of  three Hungarian fashion designers ( Dori Tomcsanyi, Kata Szegedi, NUBU) and the three French fashion designer shows (Valentine Gauthier, Octavio Pizzaro, Christine Phung).

And I liked my outfit too, so there are some photo about that too!  This white skirt is one of my favorite piece :)) Love.

2014. április 3., csütörtök

Some little magical place

 Between the high mountains of Salzkammergut, there is a small village, Hallstatt. This beautiful village situated in a lake shore. I loved the place, the historic houses, and the small streets.

In Salzburg we visited the Fortress of Hochensalzburg, this located high above the baroque towers of the city, and the amazing Mirabellgarden too. 
I love this region of Austria!